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Рыбин Анатолий Кузьмич

Anatoly Kuzmich Rybin

Doctor of Science

in Physics and Mathematics

e-mail: rybin@gdirc.ru


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Dear colleagues!

From 26 to 28 of April 2023, on the basis of Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek city (RS RAS) the XV International Youth Conference “MODERN TECNIQUE AND TECHNOLOGIES IN SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH” took place.


The Book of Materials of ХV International Youth Conference has been registered in the Book Chamber of the Kyrgyz Republic (ISBN 978-9967-12-956-6).

The electronic version of the collection is available for downloading at the following link: 

Currently, the Book of Materials is at the stage of placement in the RSCI information and analytical system (https://elibrary.ru/). We will inform you about the results in additional letter.

Best wishes!
Olga Zabinyakova
Academic Secretary of the Research Station of RAS 
+996 (312) 61-31-40

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Gennady G. Schelochkov

(29.03.1941 – 29.10.2023)

The staff of the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek city informs with deep regret that on October 29, 2023, after a long and serious illness, the Head of RS RAS Representative Office in the Russian Federation, Gennady Schelochkov, passed away/ We deeply mourns the irreparable loss.

Gennady Schelochkov stood at the origins of Research Station foundation. His activities in Research Station began in January 1983, from the position of Head of the Frunze expedition, and then he occupied the position of the Chief Engineer of Experimental-Methodological Electromagnetic Expedition of the Institute of High-Technology and Mechanics of the USSR. From 1999 to 2004, Gennady Schelochkov worked as Deputy Director of the Research Station of the Joint Institute of High Temperatures of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek city.

In January 2005, he was appointed as an Executive Director of RS RAS, managing the organizational, administrative and financial activities of the organization. Since July 2009, he was appointed as a Head of the Representative Office (RS RAS) in the Russian Federation, retaining the duties of Executive Director - first deputy director RS RAS in Bishkek, and since November 2015, he was assigned the duties of Head of the Representative Office of the RS RAS in the Russian Federation.

He was an outstanding organizer and made a great contribution to the development of geophysical science both in Russia and in the Central Asian region, in particular in Kyrgyzstan, was a well-known specialist in the field of complex geodynamic research, the author of 84 scientific papers, inventions and 2 useful models.

The activities of Gennady Grigorievich were highly appreciated: he was awarded the Certificate of Honor of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic for high scientific achievements and assistance in strengthening scientific ties between Russian and Kyrgyz science; Certificate of Honor from the Ministry of Industry, Science and Technology of the Russian Federation for his great personal contribution to solving problems of geodynamics and geophysics, the development of Russian-Kyrgyz scientific and technical cooperation in the field of Earth sciences; Certificate of honor from the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Trade Unions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, for many years of conscientious work for the benefit of Russian science; He received a Certificate of Honor from the Federal Agency for Scientific Organizations of Russia for impeccable work and high achievements in professional activities and was awarded an International Certificate from the International Research Corporation IRIS for supporting national and international seismology.

In 1990, he was elected as a Deputy of the legendary First Parliament of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.

The staff and management of the Research Station are grateful to Gennady G. Schelochkov  for the many years of dedicated work. He was the ideological inspirer of many areas of activity of the Research Station. His extraordinary and often unexpected vision of the task at hand always created an effective basis for its successful solution.

We pay tribute and immensely mourn Gennady Grigorievich - an outstanding scientist, a talented organizer, a man of a broad soul, who devoted his entire life to serving science. We will greatly miss his kind and wise outlook on life, his advice, and his warm, fatherly attitude towards the employees of our organization. Until the last minute of his life, Gennady Grigorievich represented and defended the interests of the Research Station.

We express our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Gennady Grigorievich.


Director of RS RAS             Rybin              A.K. Rybin


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will be held at Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic,  on 24 - 28 of June, 2024.

Executive organizers of Symposium:

  • Research Station RAS in Bishkek, KR
  • International Research Center – Geodynamic Proving Ground in Bishkek, KR

Objective of Symposium:

To discuss the state of problems and results of research in Geodynamics and Geoecology of intracontinental orogens including problems of lithosphere structure formation, development of methods, technologies and means of studying of Earth’s surface and interior, social and economic consequences of endogenous and exogenous disastrous processes.

Languages of Symposium:

Russian, English.

First informational letter_IX Symposium_2024.docx

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Regional GNSS measurements in Kyrgyzstan in 2023.

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This year, the field group (GSDN) of the GPS Laboratory (LGPS), based on the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) method, carried out planned field measurements of GNSS network sites in the Naryn and Issyk-Kul regions of Kyrgyzstan. Repeated surveys of the same GNSS sites in the study area make it possible to determine the high-precision position of the sites at the time of measurement and track the long-term rate of its displacement to solve fundamental geodynamic problems, as well as to assess the danger of living the population and other objects.

From May to September 2023, LGPS employees traditionally carried out two campaigns (KGS23a from 05/31/2023 to 06/30/2023; KGS23b from 08/09/2023 to 09/08/2023) to measure regional sites in the eastern part of Kyrgyzstan (Fig. 1).


Figure 1 - Regional marks where GNSS work was carried out in 2023: triangular markers - re-measured this year (89); round markers are planned but not measured sites due to the impossibility of access to them (3).

According to the decision of the administration of the RS RAS, from March 2022, only 3 brigades can participate in field GNSS campaigns. Each team includes an operator and driver of a ZIL-131 or GAZ-33088 vehicle. During the month, each team measures 14-15 sites, 36 hours are allocated to measure each site. At the same time, the vehicle mileage during one campaign was 1688-2133 km. The average vehicle mileage between observation sites was 126 km.

Since 2020, GSDN employees have been carrying out GNSS measurements with Russian-made MP-8 receivers, capable of recording signals from 4 satellite constellations: GPS, GLONASS, Beidou and SBAS (Fig. 2).

2ab 1img

Figure 2 – Fragments of field GNSS work in 2023:

a) The field team moves between regional GNSS measurement points;

b) Measurement at a GNSS point with an MP-8 receiver with a rod support.


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News of RSF project №22-27-00567 implementation

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In the "News" section of the Russian Science Foundation (RNF) website, a press release describing the electromagnetic research conducted by the staff of Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek city (RS RAS) at various sites of the Issyk-Ata fault (Kyrgyzstan) under the RSF project № 22-27-00567 was published.

Scientists in Kyrgyzstan have identified seismically dangerous areas of the active Issyk-Ata fault
Source: RSF Press office
Translation: RS RAS

Geophysicists have developed a geoelectric model that makes it possible to find areas in lithospheric faults where earthquakes are likely to occur. For this purpose, the authors studied the electrical properties of the earth's crust in the zone of 150-kilometer-long Issyk-Ata fault in Kyrgyzstan. The results of the study, supported by an RSF grant, were published in the scientific journal “Geophysics”.


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Group of Magnetotelluric soundings News

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From August 29 to September 4, 2023, Group of Magnetotelluric soundings (GMTS) carried out monitoring observations on the territory of the Bishkek Geodynamic Proving Ground. This observations have been carried out since 2012. The observations covered the “East”, “West” and “Center” profiles in the area of ​ Norus village. Using the Phoenix MTU-5 and MTU-5A measuring systems, the MTS group consisting of three teams carried out deep magnetotelluric sounding (DMS) work at three points, on the “East” profile at observation point E14, on the “West” profile at observation point W00 and on the “Center” profile at observation point C6, where the duration of registration of MT field in the GMT mode at each point was about 110 hours.

The start of work was preceded by calibration of recorders and sensors of MT stations. The testing of the measuring systems involved in these works for the identity of MT-field registration was carried out at point C6. To assess the level of interference and parameter settings for recording the work recording, a control recording lasting at least 40 minutes was preceded. The orientation of previous of the measuring installations completely repeated the previous deployments.

IMG 20230904 083108


News of the Laboratory for Complex Research of RS RAS

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A radon indicator device RADEX MR107 was installed in the Laboratory of Complex Research, within the framework of cooperation between the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RS RAS) and the Institute of Geophysics named after Yu.P. Bulashevich, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGP Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) in June 2023. The installation of the sensor involves the advancement of new research using radon volumetric activity monitoring (RVA) data in conjunction with other geophysical methods used at the Research Station.

The device is located at the regime station "Issyk-Ata". In the basement, a probe and a conductive tube are installed with access to the operator's room, where a priming pump and a Radex MR107 meter are installed.

All operating modes of the device, as well as visualization and data downloading, are carried out using the official Radex Data Center software.


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News of the Group of Deep Magnetotelluric Sounding

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In the period from July 04 to July 25 MTZ group consisting of 3 brigades carried out works on the profile "Ukok-2", which is located to the south of Kochkorka village in Kochkor district of Naryn oblast. The works on magnetotelluric sounding (MTZ) were carried out at 11 points. At 10 observation points the duration of MT field registration in the MTZ mode was 36-43 hours, at the observation point FT21 in the GMTZ mode, the registration was carried out in the form of two sessions of registration, duration of each was about 240 hours.


The work was carried out using the Phoenix MTU-5 and MTU-5A measurement complexes in the normal registration mode. The beginning of the work was preceded by calibrations of the recorders and sensors of MT stations. At all observation sites, a control recording of at least 40 minutes was preceded by a control recording to assess the level of interference and settings of registration parameters. The electric components of MT field were measured using measuring installations with electric dipoles of 50 m length. The magnetic field components were measured using MTS-50 induction sensors. At all sounding points the grounding of dipoles was carried out with the help of non-polarizing electrodes, grounding of dipoles was carried out according to the principle "sensor to sensor" with the previous years of observations. The orientations of the measurement setups at these stations were fully repeated with the previous deployments.

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