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Рыбин Анатолий Кузьмич

Anatoly Kuzmich Rybin

Doctor of Science

in Physics and Mathematics

e-mail: rybin@gdirc.ru

News of RSF project №22-27-00567 implementation

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In the "News" section of the Russian Science Foundation (RNF) website, a press release describing the electromagnetic research conducted by the staff of Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek city (RS RAS) at various sites of the Issyk-Ata fault (Kyrgyzstan) under the RSF project № 22-27-00567 was published.

Scientists in Kyrgyzstan have identified seismically dangerous areas of the active Issyk-Ata fault
Source: RSF Press office
Translation: RS RAS

Geophysicists have developed a geoelectric model that makes it possible to find areas in lithospheric faults where earthquakes are likely to occur. For this purpose, the authors studied the electrical properties of the earth's crust in the zone of 150-kilometer-long Issyk-Ata fault in Kyrgyzstan. The results of the study, supported by an RSF grant, were published in the scientific journal “Geophysics”.


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Group of Magnetotelluric soundings News

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From August 29 to September 4, 2023, Group of Magnetotelluric soundings (GMTS) carried out monitoring observations on the territory of the Bishkek Geodynamic Proving Ground. This observations have been carried out since 2012. The observations covered the “East”, “West” and “Center” profiles in the area of ​ Norus village. Using the Phoenix MTU-5 and MTU-5A measuring systems, the MTS group consisting of three teams carried out deep magnetotelluric sounding (DMS) work at three points, on the “East” profile at observation point E14, on the “West” profile at observation point W00 and on the “Center” profile at observation point C6, where the duration of registration of MT field in the GMT mode at each point was about 110 hours.

The start of work was preceded by calibration of recorders and sensors of MT stations. The testing of the measuring systems involved in these works for the identity of MT-field registration was carried out at point C6. To assess the level of interference and parameter settings for recording the work recording, a control recording lasting at least 40 minutes was preceded. The orientation of previous of the measuring installations completely repeated the previous deployments.

IMG 20230904 083108


News of the Laboratory for Complex Research of RS RAS

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A radon indicator device RADEX MR107 was installed in the Laboratory of Complex Research, within the framework of cooperation between the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RS RAS) and the Institute of Geophysics named after Yu.P. Bulashevich, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IGP Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences) in June 2023. The installation of the sensor involves the advancement of new research using radon volumetric activity monitoring (RVA) data in conjunction with other geophysical methods used at the Research Station.

The device is located at the regime station "Issyk-Ata". In the basement, a probe and a conductive tube are installed with access to the operator's room, where a priming pump and a Radex MR107 meter are installed.

All operating modes of the device, as well as visualization and data downloading, are carried out using the official Radex Data Center software.


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News of the Group of Deep Magnetotelluric Sounding

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In the period from July 04 to July 25 MTZ group consisting of 3 brigades carried out works on the profile "Ukok-2", which is located to the south of Kochkorka village in Kochkor district of Naryn oblast. The works on magnetotelluric sounding (MTZ) were carried out at 11 points. At 10 observation points the duration of MT field registration in the MTZ mode was 36-43 hours, at the observation point FT21 in the GMTZ mode, the registration was carried out in the form of two sessions of registration, duration of each was about 240 hours.


The work was carried out using the Phoenix MTU-5 and MTU-5A measurement complexes in the normal registration mode. The beginning of the work was preceded by calibrations of the recorders and sensors of MT stations. At all observation sites, a control recording of at least 40 minutes was preceded by a control recording to assess the level of interference and settings of registration parameters. The electric components of MT field were measured using measuring installations with electric dipoles of 50 m length. The magnetic field components were measured using MTS-50 induction sensors. At all sounding points the grounding of dipoles was carried out with the help of non-polarizing electrodes, grounding of dipoles was carried out according to the principle "sensor to sensor" with the previous years of observations. The orientations of the measurement setups at these stations were fully repeated with the previous deployments.

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will be held at Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek city, Kyrgyz Republic,  on 24 - 28 of June, 2024.

Executive organizers of Symposium:

  • Research Station RAS in Bishkek, KR
  • International Research Center – Geodynamic Proving Ground in Bishkek, KR

Objective of Symposium:

To discuss the state of problems and results of research in Geodynamics and Geoecology of intracontinental orogens including problems of lithosphere structure formation, development of methods, technologies and means of studying of Earth’s surface and interior, social and economic consequences of endogenous and exogenous disastrous processes.

Languages of Symposium:

Russian, English.

First informational letter_IX Symposium_2024.docx

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Practical training of higher education institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic

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Traditionally, in June-July of each year, students of higher educational institutions of the Kyrgyz Republic undergo educational and practical training at the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Thus, the hydrogeological practical training was conducted by the 2nd year students of the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University (KRSU), studying in the direction of "Environmental management and water use" (profile "Integrated use and protection of water resources", group KIOVR-1-21). The group was headed by the research officer of the Laboratory of Complex Research Vinera Mukhamadeeva.

The practical training began with classes on studying the collections of the Geological Museum of the Mining and Metallurgical Institute, description of minerals and rocks, and continued on the territory of the Research Station and in its immediate vicinity. The students got acquainted with the activities of the Research Station, studied the forms of exogenous processes manifestation on the slopes of the Alamedin River and its left tributary - the Chunkurchak River, conducted hydrogeological observations on one of the springs near the Tatyr village and on the Karabulak River - the left tributary of the Chunkurchak River.



Students of the American University in Central Asia (AUCA) also had the practical training - they were assigned to different laboratories of the Research Station and worked on individual tasks.


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Tour for the students from KRSU

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Students of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of KRSU, headed by Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Valery Mikhailovich Lelevkin, visited the Research Station of the Russian Academy of Sciences in Bishkek.

The heads of laboratories of RS RAS acquainted the delegation with the directions of scientific research and the results obtained, including RS RAS developments of unique scientific geophysical equipment.

There was also a tour of the laboratories and the picturesque territory of the Research Station.

The guests from KRSU expressed their gratitude to the organizers for the informative excursion.

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Results of the functioning of CCU of IGR in 2022

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  The Center for Collective Use "Integrated Geodynamic Research" (CCU IGR) on the basis of the RS RAS was created on April 2017.

  Center for Collective Use of IGR conducts researches in the field of seismology, space geodesy, magneto-telluric sounding. Appropriate equipment is available for these studies. The telemetry system for the collection and processing of seismic data KNET operates in real time. There is a network of 10 permanent GPS stations, including 2 stations of the International GNSS Service (IGS) international network. Data is collecting via Internet channels, radio mo-dems, telephone modems. Geophysical surveys are being carried out on the territory of the Central Asian GPS network. The base organization carries out precision GPS, linear angle and leveling measurements.

  The Center for Collective Use of IGR offers access to the database of the magneto-telluric sounding, to seismological databases, to a continuous stream of seismological data in real time, to raw GPS data in real time, to daily raw GPS data, to data of long-term GPS measurements in Central Asia and Kazakhstan. 

  The Center for Collective Use of the IGR participates in the activities monitoring, re-flecting its results on the http://ckp-rf.ru/auth/ website in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia. There are 613 registered centers for various purposes in Russia now. Annual competition for users and CCU support money is fierce.

  On 2021 year 7 scientific works were published based on the use of the equipment of the Center for Collective Use of IGR. 

  On 2021 the CCU IGR had 3 external users. Data of KNET was transmitted to the Minis-try of Defense Special Control Service of the Russian Federation, Dubna city and the Institute for Seismology of the National Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic. GPS data was transmitted to the University NAVSTAR Consortium (UNAVCO), Boulder.

The leader of the Center for Collective Use IGR                                    Dudinskih R.

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